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Migration and visa counseling

For more than 5 years, our company has been providing expert migration and visa consultancy in matters of obtaining temporary residence for foreigners, permanent residence and visas for the territory of the Slovak Republic as well as for other countries of the world.

Do not hesitate to contact us and get professional advice. We will help you.


Professional analysis

Don't know how to start? Tell us what you need and we will find a solution.


Professional advice

We will develop a comprehensive procedure and documentation for the authorities.


Comprehensive services

We will arrange everything with you personally at the offices. Contact us.

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We offer comprehensiveprofessional services

Ví has been providing comprehensive advice to clients for more than 5 years on how to obtain a temporary residence permit for foreigners and visas for citizens of the Slovak Republic. We recommend our clients the fastest and most effective way to prepare the correct and necessary documents for applying for residence.

We communicate with you throughout the process. In addition to documentation, we also provide clients with official translations, housing and various other services, which you can learn more about in our articles or you can call request a free consultation.

According to your needs

Our specialists will find out exactly what your needs are and propose you the exact procedure and solution to legally obtain a residence permit in the Slovak Republic.

Proven reliability

Experience speaks for itself, which is why we have a wide portfolio of clients we have helped and who keep coming back to us.

we are ready to help you

Ask for free consultation

Feel free to fill out the simple contact form on our website and our experts will contact you as soon as possible with questions about how to obtain a temporary residence permit for foreigners or visas to different countries around the world.

what is your need

Do you know what permit you are looking for? Stays and visas in Slovakia

Work stay

Have you found a job in Slovakia and need a residence permit? We will provide you with the appropriate documents, examinations and other requirements.

Business stay

Do you need to start your business in Slovakia? We will help you start your own company or business and teach you how to do it.

Student stay

Are you a student and don't know how to get started with the administration? We are here for you even in that case. We will secure all documents.

Family reunification

Have you gotten married or want to merge your family with a stay in Slovakia and are you looking for help with the legislative procedure? We will also help you with family reunification issues.

Visa services

We will help you with obtaining or extending national or tourist visas valid on the territory of the Slovak Republic and advise you on how to obtain a visa for other countries.

Travel insurance

Are you planning a trip abroad and don't know how to secure the right insurance in case of health complications? We provide comprehensive insurance for the whole world.

what is your need

Do you know what permit you are looking for?Stay and visa in Slovakia

Work stay

Have you found a job and need a temporary stay? We will provide you with the appropriate documents and insurance.

Business stay

Have you decided to do business in Slovakia? We will establish a company for you and solve your accounting as well as your stay.

Student stay

Are you a student and don't know how to get started with the administration? We are here for you in this case as well. We will arrange all documents.

Family stay

Are you planning to start a family in Slovakia and do not know how to do it? Administration and legislation can complicate things for you. We will relieve you of problems.

Diplomatic services

We will soon expand our portfolio with diplomatic advice.


We will help you obtain or extend national or tourist visas valid for the territory of the Slovak Republic.

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Migration and visa consultancy

Get more information about our services

Are you looking for more specific information about temporary stays? Not a problem. Navigate to the page Services and get more information about our services, prices or application procedures. 



Satisfied customers

Adriana Sarkozyova
Adriana Sarkozyova

Tourist visa - Cuba

"Great satisfaction, the card was issued within a week, Mr. Oto Kohút, who was in charge, is very helpful. Thank you, I definitely recommend using the company's services."

Aurélie Millien
Aurélie Millien

Permanent residence for an unlimited time

"The founder Oto helped to get a residence permit. I am originally from Mauritius, which is considered a 3rd country, and I applied twice myself with a lot of problems, because I did not speak the language very well and I did not know everything about foreign law and requirements, especially that every case is different. It's a budget to plan, but it's worth it not to worry about missing documents, language and a representative in case you're abroad. Great service. Thanks Oto"

Petra K.
Petra K.

Residence permit

"I had a great experience with movetosk. Very professional, helpful advice. I prepared for my visit to the foreign policy office. I felt very comfortable getting the documents, I knew all the procedures, what to expect, what to do. Happy experience. We look forward to further use of the services of this company. Petra"

Martin J.
Martin J.

Business partner

There is excellent cooperation with Mr Rooster. He is really an expert on residence permits and, thanks to his experience with different countries, he can always realistically say what problems can arise in a given country and what to expect. I highly recommend his services.

Updated on 19.10.2023

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