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Official translations of foreign language documents

Official translations (often also called court translations whether translations with stamp) are prepared by official translators registered on the list of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. 

Official translations are mainly used in official communication at various offices, in the state administration, abroad and also in banks. If the authorities require you officially certified translations bound by the tricolor, contact our agency. We cooperate with an extensive team of official translators, with the help of which we will ensure the fastest possible official translation of your documents.

Our agency provides official translations into many world and Central European languages. Nowadays, it is a matter of course that we provide English translation, German translation, Russian translation, Italian translation, Spanish translation, but also translations to/from the languages of our immediate neighbors, such as Hungarian translations, Czech translations, Polish translations, Ukrainian translations. However, in addition to these languages, we also focus on translations of rarer languages, such as Turkish translation, Finnish translation, Portuguese translation, Serbian translation, Norwegian translation or Slovenian translation.

In case of your request, our translation agency is ready to provide you with official and unofficial translations, even express, within 24 hours. In this case, however, the price will be slightly higher, but it is always an individual agreement with the client.

The Quality Translation Agency whose goal is to provide our clients with high-quality translations at favorable prices. There are many agencies on the market offering quality services, but with prices that are too high for the average translation contractor. That's why we decided to adapt to our clients and offer them not only quality, but also prices that they can handle financially. 

We cooperate with more than 300 official and unofficial translators from all over the world, who are among the world leaders in their fields, and together we will take care of creating a language bridge on the way to your success.

Benefits of our translations

Official translations cannot be made online, as they require a printed form, as the made translation must be bound by law with the original document or its officially certified copy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Officially, we most often translate the following documents:

Apostille, Bank statement, Passport, Birth certificate, Judgments, Death certificate, Education certificate, Minutes, Affidavit, Diploma, Invoice, Technical license, Employment contract, Partnership contract, Marriage certificate, report card, Criminal records, Driver's license, Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet, Resolution, Employment contract, Certificate of incorporation, Police report, etc.

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