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We are a company that has been actively involved in advising foreigners on obtaining residence permits and securing travel or national visas in relation to the Slovak Republic for more than 5 years. We provide our clients with years of experience and knowledge in the form of consultation and advice. We know that legal forms and laws can often be difficult for foreigners to understand, which is why our colleagues and partners are well versed in these issues. Our goal for our clients is to make the process of obtaining the necessary documentation as simple as possible and to ensure that the process of granting residency is completed with a positive outcome. 
A frequent problem for which foreigners seek us is communication with Slovak authorities or ignorance of the law on the residence of foreigners. Our company represents clients throughout the entire process of obtaining a residence permit. Our aim is to eliminate as much as possible the possible failure of the applicant in cases of ignorance of the law. The interpretation of the law by the authorities is often simplistic or incorrectly explained, and important facts and facts that interfere with the proceedings are missing. For this reason, we provide foreigners with expert advice that is strictly based on the law, but mainly on practical advice and experience in this area. 

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Our company focuses on two most important factors - reliability and availability. Therefore, we provide our clients with the most optimal price for the services provided so that the quality of service is maintained. At the same time, in cooperation with our partners, we provide our clients with a number of other advantageous benefits in the form of discounts and bonuses, both from us and from our business partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time required for the preparation of the necessary documentation depends mainly on the specific operation; it is difficult to determine the exact time in general. Lighter tasks can be processed within 24 hours, but it takes around 14 days to apply for residency. Factors such as the nationality of the foreigner and his/her previous stays are also key factors.

Who have we already helped?

We provide our services to clients all over the world. Both to individual applicants and to companies, which most often relocate their employees or open subsidiaries of their companies in Slovakia.

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Our partners

Last but not least, it is important to mention our business partners, who help us to ensure the smooth running and functioning of our services and at the same time to complete the provision of services to a high level of complexity.

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Where can you find us?

Our office is located in Bratislava, in the Rača district, at the address Púchovská 8, in the premises of the building of the joint-stock company ASV. In the premises there is free parking. We offer our clients air-conditioned premises. In the vicinity there is a notary office, post office, various shops or services, so the location offers complete amenities. In our office you will always be happy to prefreshments and coffee. Situationally we are located near the Foreign Police Bratislava, approximately 5 minutes by car. You can reach us easily by car and public transport (bus, tram).

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Information published on this website, or submitted via e-mail, phone and chat do not have the nature of legal or tax consultancy. All information is from publicly available sources and is of a general nature only. The services and information do not have the character of providing legal services according to special regulations (e.g. according to Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on Advocacy, as amended).

MTS Consulting, s. r. o. does not provide services pursuant to Act No. 586/2003 Coll. 78/1992 Z.z. on Tax Advisors and the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, nor under Act No. 39/2015 Z.z., the Insurance Act.

In the event that legal services, tax consultancy or insurance services are required by our clients as part of our activity, we turn to persons authorized to provide these services in order to provide them.

The user of the website https://moveto.sk/ because https://vizum.sk/ acknowledges that the company MTS Consulting, s. r. o. operates this website and provides the services listed on this website within the scope of free trades, in particular the subjects of business:
Administrative services, Activities of business, organizational and economic consultants, Computer services and services related to computer data processing, Advertising and marketing services. The information on this website is from publicly available sources and is for informational purposes only.

MTS Consulting, s. r. o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider") also declares that all personal data and documents placed on the servers, domains and subdomains of https://moveto.sk/ or https://vizum.sk/ are protected and encrypted.

The operator is not responsible for the following:
The operator declines responsibility for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages incurred by site users due to information published on the site, due to its incorrectness, out-of-dateness, or non-binding nature.
The operator declines responsibility if the user's computer was infected with a virus, Trojan horse, or other potentially dangerous content while visiting the site.
Information and materials provided on the website https://moveto.sk/or https://vizum.sk/, including text, graphics, links and other items, are provided "as available", "as is stands and lies" ("as is"). The operator does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the mentioned information and materials, the possibility of commercial application, suitability for a certain purpose or and declares that the aforementioned materials or information may contain erroneous data.
The operator declares that all product information published on the websites https://moveto.sk/ or https://vizum.sk/ may not be accurate. For the accuracy of information related to specific products and services, the visitor to the site/interested in services is obliged to follow the relevant laws, general terms and conditions, or inquire directly with the operator.

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