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Temporary stay - Employment

Residence permit for employees

Globalization and the growing need for qualified workers also brings with it an increased number of foreigners who decide to work and live in Slovakia. In order for these people to legally work and live in the country, it is necessary to obtain a residence permit for the purpose of employment. In this article, we will look at the process of obtaining this permit, the conditions that must be met, as well as important information for employers and foreigners.

Categories of foreigners

Foreigners can be divided into three main groups according to their legal position:

– citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)
– citizens of third countries with the right of free movement (e.g. Switzerland)
– citizens of third countries without the right of free movement

For the first group, no residence permit is required for the purpose of employment, the second group has limited access to the labor market, and the third group will be discussed in this article.

The process of applying for a residence permit for the purpose of employment

A foreigner from outside the EU and EEA who wants to work in Slovakia needs a residence permit for the purpose of employment. This permit is issued by the Slovak Republic through the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic or the relevant immigration office. The application process consists of several steps:

– The employer must first announce the vacancy at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (ÚPSVaR), where it must be published at least 15 days before the application is submitted.
– The foreigner must subsequently apply for a residence permit for the purpose of employment at the Slovak consular office in the country of residence or directly at the relevant immigration office in Slovakia (if he already has a valid residence permit).
– The application must contain complete documentation, including confirmation of the possibility of employment, documents on education and experience, confirmation of accommodation, criminal record and medical examination.
– If the application is approved, the foreigner will receive a residence permit for the purpose of employment valid for up to two years (with the possibility of extension).

Conditions for granting permission

A residence permit for the purpose of employment can only be granted if:

– the vacant position is not filled or cannot be filled by a citizen of Slovakia or the EU/EEA
– the foreigner has fulfilled all conditions regarding education, experience and other requirements for the given position
– the employer will provide adequate accommodation and wages at least in the amount of the minimum wage

Working conditions for foreigners

A foreigner who has obtained a residence permit for the purpose of employment has the same rights and obligations as citizens of the Slovak Republic in terms of employment relations.


Obtaining a residence permit for the purpose of employment is crucial for foreigners who want to work and live in Slovakia. The application process involves cooperation between the employer, the foreigner and the authorities. Fulfilling all conditions and following the rules will allow you to successfully obtain a permit and start working in a new country.

Needed documents

To submit an application, it is necessary:

How can we help you?

Process acceleration

Directing the client where to apply for which documents, how to properly endorse them with the necessary clause or how to properly translate the document officially.

Elaboration of documentation

We will prepare a complete file for you, which you just need to submit to the Aliens Police Department.

Communication with the employment office

During the entire process, we will communicate with all necessary authorities on your behalf, prepare job positions for the ISTP and guide you through the labor market.

Personal assistance

After submitting the application, we will take over the entire process and, if necessary, our personal assistant will guide you during the visit of the foreign police.

Why choose the services of experts?

The most frequent problem of foreigners when submitting an application is incomplete documentation, incorrect, incorrectly certified or officially badly translated into Slovak language. Another problem can be communication with the authorities, where there is often a communication barrier. We will accompany you throughout the process and communicate with the authorities.

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