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Temporary stay - Employment

Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner can be difficult for employers. Our law firm has several years of experience in the field of employing foreigners, and we have published a number of professional articles on this topic. We will help you too. 

We will consult with the client on the best way to employ a foreigner, we also work closely with the Center for Labor, Social Affairs and Family.

comprehensive service related to the employment of foreigners in Slovakia (announcement of a vacancy, elaboration of the necessary documents to apply for temporary residence, accompanying the foreigner to the foreigner police, providing official translations / apostilles / medical examination for foreigners, registration at the insurance company, fulfillment of employer's obligations stay)
legal services in processing D visas
legal services in ensuring the recognition of proof of education (blue card)
Procedure of employment of a foreigner
announcement of a vacancy by the employer on istp.sk
submission of an application for temporary residence for employment - after 20 working days after the publication of the vacancy application, in case of insufficient position it is not necessary to comply with this deadline, in case of foreigners with visa-free travel or D visas the possibility to apply for residence in Slovakia in other cases filed at an embassy abroad
the decision of the Aliens Police on the stay lasts 90 days (in case of insufficient position 30 days)
process of arriving in Slovakia (obtaining D visas for citizens who do not have visa-free travel), taking over the residence permit
registration of an employee - a foreigner at a health insurance company
concluding an employment contract with a foreigner and registering him with the health and social insurance company
undergoing a medical examination by a foreigner that he or she does not suffer from a disease that endangers public health
registration of commencement of employment to the relevant labor office

In the case of employing highly qualified employees with a university degree, the Aliens Police may be applied for a blue card. The condition of employing a foreigner for the so-called blue card is a monthly salary agreed in the amount of at least 1.5 times the average monthly salary of an employee in the economy of the Slovak Republic in the relevant branch. 

Needed documents

To submit an application, it is necessary:

How can we help you?

Process acceleration

Direction of the client where to request which documents, how to properly provide them with the necessary entry or how to properly translate the document.

Elaboration of documentation

We will prepare a complete file for you, which you just need to submit to the Aliens Police Department.

Communication with the employment office

During the entire process, we will communicate with all necessary authorities on your behalf, prepare job positions for the ISTP and guide you through the labor market.

Personal assistance

After submitting the application, we will take over the entire process and, if necessary, our personal assistant will guide you during the visit of the foreign police.

Why choose the services of experts?

The most common problem faced by foreigners when submitting an application is incomplete documentation, faulty, incorrectly verified or officially incorrectly translated into the Slovak language. Another problem can be communication with the authorities, where there is often a communication barrier. We will accompany you throughout the process and communicate with the authorities.

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