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Health insurance for foreigners

Did you come to Slovakia to study or for work? Do you want to enjoy a longer vacation with us? Use quality health insurance for comprehensive or urgent care from AXA.
Health insurance for foreigners is intended for foreign state employees who intend to reside in the territory of the Slovak Republic and cannot be insured in the public health insurance system. 

The insurance meets the legislative conditions of the Act on the residence of foreigners in the territory of Slovakia for various reasons - short-term (visa) or long-term (temporary stay), it is recognized by state and local government authorities and accepted by the foreign police.
An obvious part of the insurance is a high-quality and continuous assistance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Slovak, Czech, Polish, English and Russian.

You can choose from 2 basic options: Comprehensive care and Urgent care.

health insurance for foreigners axa

Benefits of Health insurance for foreigners from AXA


• Simple and intuitive closing in our online environment, no administration. 10 client data + 2 clicks and done.
• Quick and professional solution to health problems and liquidation of insurance claims.


• Optimal protection in the event of unforeseen health complications that may occur during your stay in Slovakia.

• You get quality health insurance and assistance. Our brand brings you reliable and fast help with a high level of care guaranteed by AXA international standards.


• We take care of thousands of clients across Europe every day in cooperation with our branches and proven partners, and thanks to this, our services are not only high-quality, but also cost-effective.

Let us convince you that our insurance is more than a service.

You can choose from 2 basic variants...

The product is intended especially for those who intend to stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic for 90 days or longer, while applying for a long-term visa or residence, or wishing to extend it.

Insurance of medical expenses in the comprehensive care regime includes: reimbursement of purposefully incurred costs to a similar extent as in the case of public health insurance on the territory of the Slovak Republic, i.e. treatment or treatment, including diagnostic procedures that are directly related to them, are prescribed by a doctor and stabilize the condition of the insured to the extent that he is able to continue his stay or is able to repatriate.

Including preventive and dispensary care. Simply - not only acute deterioration of the health condition, but also prevention, general practitioner, pediatrician, gynecologist, mandatory vaccinations, check-ups, etc. You can choose from the variants STANDARD, which covers comprehensive health care, or MOTHER – this program includes the provision of comprehensive health care for the insured mother in connection with her pregnancy and childbirth.

In addition to the scope of the STANDARD insurance program, postpartum health care for the insured's newborn, who was born during the duration of her insurance, is also insured. In the territory of the Schengen area and the territory of the transit country, the insurance is valid to the extent of necessary and urgent health care.

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