Renewal / extension of residence permit

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Renewal / extension of residence permit

Is your residence permit expiring? It is the right time to extend it.

The renewal of the residence permit is a process by which a foreigner secures an extension of the validity period of the residence permit for another period. The foreigner is obliged to renew the residence permit even before the end of its validity*, so that the applicant can stay legally in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

*Following the provisions of Act no. 404/2011 Coll. of the Act on the Residence of Foreigners according to §131i paragraph 1, the following applies: The validity of a temporary residence, permanent residence or tolerated residence, which would otherwise expire during a state of emergency, a state of emergency or a state of emergency declared in connection with the disease COVID-19 (hereinafter referred to as the "crisis situation"), or whose validity would expire within one month of the revocation of the crisis situation, is extended until the expiration of two months since the crisis situation was lifted.

The conditions and procedure for renewing the residence permit may differ depending on the purpose of the foreigner's stay. In general, the following documents must be submitted:

A foreigner must submit an application for the renewal of a residence permit to the relevant immigration police office in Slovakia. This application should be submitted before the expiry of the existing residence permit.*

At the same time, the foreigner is obliged to present a valid travel document and residence permit, which is necessary for identification and proof of identity.

At the same time, the foreigner is obliged to submit documents that confirm the fulfillment of the conditions for renewing the residence permit. These documents may include confirmation of employment or business activity, documents on education or health insurance, and other possibly necessary documents depending on the purpose of the stay.

An administrative fee is often required when renewing a residence permit. We will be happy to provide you with a specific fee for renewing your residence permit during our consultation. The administrative fee is always different, depending on the type and purpose of the stay.

After submitting all the necessary documents and paying the fee, the application for the renewal of the residence permit will be assessed by the competent foreign police office. If approved, the foreigner will be entitled to stay in Slovakia and will receive a new residence permit with a new validity period. As a rule, the period is longer than during the first stay. 

It is important that the alien starts the process of renewing the residence permit early enough before it expires to avoid illegal stay and potential problems with the immigration authorities.

Needed documents

To submit an application, it is necessary:

How can we help you?

Process acceleration

Direction of the client where to request which documents, how to properly provide them with the necessary entry or how to properly translate the document.

Elaboration of documentation

We will prepare a complete file for you, which you just need to submit to the Aliens Police Department.

Securing documentation from the authorities

We will obtain all the necessary documents that you are required to submit for the extension or renewal of the residence permit from the relevant authorities.

Personal assistance

After submitting the application, we will take over the entire process and, if necessary, our personal assistant will guide you during the visit of the foreign police.

Why choose the services of experts?

The most frequent problem of foreigners when submitting an application is incomplete documentation, incorrect, incorrectly certified or officially badly translated into Slovak language. Another problem can be communication with the authorities, where there is often a communication barrier. We will accompany you throughout the process and communicate with the authorities.

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