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Residence permit - business (trade license)

Temporary residence permit in form of self-employed person

We offer comprehensive services for foreigners in obtaining a temporary stay for business purposes. From the preparation of documents, the establishment of a company or trade, through personal assistance at the Aliens Police, to the receipt of a residence permit.

The application for temporary residence is submitted by a third-country national (hereinafter referred to as the “applicant”) in person at the police department, if he / she is legally staying in the Slovak Republic (legal representation on the basis of a power of attorney is not possible). necessary). We will work out a methodological procedure for you from the first contact to obtaining a temporary stay.

Only foreigners who are legally visa-free or stay in Slovakia on the basis of type D visas can apply for temporary residence for business purposes in the territory of the Slovak Republic. If a foreigner has a type C visa, he or she cannot apply in the territory of the Slovak Republic for granting residence. If a foreigner cannot apply for a residence permit in Slovakia, he or she will submit the application at the embassy in the country of which he or she is a citizen or has a registered residence there.

The application is submitted on an official form. When submitting an application for temporary residence, the third-country national is obliged to present a valid travel document and all the requirements for the application for temporary residence provided by law, otherwise the embassy or police department will not accept the application for temporary residence. If the embassy or police department does not accept the application for temporary residence, it shall provide the third-country national with written information on which documents he / she must provide in support of the application for temporary residence. An application for a temporary residence permit for the purpose of employment shall not be accepted by the embassy or police department only if the third-country national does not present a valid travel document.

Needed documents

To submit an application, it is necessary:

How can we help you?

Process acceleration

Directing the client where to apply for which documents, how to properly endorse them with the necessary clause or how to properly translate the document officially.

Elaboration of documentation

We will prepare a complete file for you, which you just need to submit to the Aliens Police Department.

Establishment of a company or trade

We will create your company of which you will become the managing director and owner on the day of granting temporary residence. Without the need to deposit the share capital.

Personal assistance

After submitting the application, we will take over the entire process and, if necessary, our personal assistant will guide you during the visit of the foreign police.

Why choose the services of experts?

The most frequent problem of foreigners when submitting an application is incomplete documentation, incorrect, incorrectly certified or officially badly translated into Slovak language. Another problem can be communication with the authorities, where there is often a communication barrier. We will accompany you throughout the process and communicate with the authorities.

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